How to Find a Roof Leak (So You Can Get it Repaired!)

How to Find a Roof Leak (So You Can Get it Repaired!)

A Leaky Roofroofing-derby

It doesn’t matter how small your leak the roofing derby team know that it can easily cause serious damage to your home. It’s not only structural damage that you need to be aware of but there are also issues such as mold growth which can be dangerous to your health. In order to find the cause of your leak you first need to locate the area it’s in. Its advice you act fast and follow this helpful guide to help reduce the damage and costs of repairs.

Signs of a Leak

The sound and sight of dripping water is usually a clear indicator you may have a leak but not all evidence is so easy to spot. If you find subtle signs you may need to dig further. Signs such as wet ceilings, walls or floors or those that appear stained, discoloured. Even signs of peeling paint and musty odours all could be leading towards a possible leak in your roof.

Look in the Loft

If necessary there is every chance you may need to gain access to your loft to perform a more detailed inspection. When you’re up there take a good look around and try to find any signs of water stains or areas were water has gained entry. There may even be evidence of mold and damp growth.

Check Out the Roof

Next move your inspection on to the roof this can include the interior and exterior. Check for signs of damage, noticeable gaps in roofing tiles or joins anything that could potentially give water the chance to get in.

Check Dormer Walls

Roofing leaks can start inside walls, so check any dormer walls for signs of cracks or rot that could allow water to gain access.

Remove Shingles

If you are still struggling to locate the leak then its time to be a little more hands on. You can start to remove roof shingles or tiles and have a general look at the area you think is leaking. It should reveal water stains and rot. If you find this part difficult it is best to hire professionals who are trained to deal with such problems.

Determine the Cause roofing-derby

Once the leak has been located it is often best to find the cause. The leak may be linked to poor sealing around your roofing system, such as dormer windows or chimney seams. Another common cause is roofing vents metal ones can develop breaks and plastic ones can become cracked. It may even be as simple as a good old fashioned hole.

Repair the Roof Leak First

The first thing to do is call a professional roofing company immediately to make the necessary repairs. After your leak and roof are fixed you can tackle any cleaning that needs to be done.

Contact Your Insurance Company

In some instances where there is excessive damage to your home through a leak in your roof your insurance may cover the costs. Contact your insurance company and ask for advice on what your policy offers.

Our Thoughts

During winter it is even more important to ensure your roofing is well maintained. So if you think there is any chance your property is suffering from a leak of any kind call our roofing derby team and they can advice and come to inspect your home as soon as possible.

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